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Heritage & Culture more

No other place in the world offers a greater selection of heritage and culture - both ancient and modern - in such abundance and diversity. From museums to temples, Bharatnatyam to Bollywood, India is a culture lover's dream come true.

Nature & Landscapes more

From moonlit deserts to lush semi-tropical forests, palm-lined beaches to Himalayan peaks, India is a dream come true for nature lovers and offers diverse landscapes, each unique and enchanting in its own way.

Wildlife more

India's wealth of breathtaking species extends far beyond the elusive tigers and wild elephants that lure so many. Its numerous National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries bustling with an amazing variety of flora and fauna provide a much needed respite from the urban jungles.

Relaxation more

Relax beneath swaying coconut palms on Goa's beaches, romance yourself in the honeymoon spot of the Maldives or take a unique swim in the ocean with elephants in the Andaman Islands. Indulgent spas, watersports, unspoilt secret beaches and nightlife all beckon.

Adventure more

Exhilarating hikes through the rugged terrain of the world's largest mountains, rafting down the holy Ganges or following wild elephants in dense tropical jungles are just the beginning... Let us show you!

Spas & Wellness more

India's own "Science of Life", Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old medical system. Enjoy rejuvenating Ayurveda or other Asian treatments in one of numerous world class spas from Kerala to the Himalayas.

Select Regions

North India more

Absorb India's cultural highlights! Boasting the spectacular Taj Mahal and a mix between the cosmopolitan and bustling streets of old Delhi, much diversity awaits! Voyage onto the vibrant, regal heritage of Rajasthani palaces and people and embrace spirituality with Amritsar's stunning Golden Temple.

East India more

A place where time has stood still! Breathe in the alluring aromas of Assam's tea gardens or trek in the wild grasslands of scenic Sikkim. Experience unique tribal villages or journey through the lush hilly estates of Darjeeling on a classic steam locomotive.

South India more

Soothe your soul with ayurveda! Savour the brimming coffee estates, spice plantations and rice paddies and amble in lush jungles. Add spark to your evening witnessing fireflies on a houseboat in Kerala's backwaters. Witness historic living temples and colonial towns. A gentler India awaits.

Central India more

History lives on. Venture deep into the ancient cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora and witness the Gateway of India, the glittering Queen's Necklace and the Bollywood glamour in Mumbai. Go wild in India's best safari parks, trailing tigers and unique birdlife.

Himalayas more

Enjoy refreshing rejuvenation within foothills and at heady heights. Chug through narrow gorges to charming Shimla on the famous toy train. Engage in spiritual ceremonies by the Ganges in Rishikesh. Witness enchanting views and Buddhist culture when trekking in Ladakh.

Islands & Beaches more

Whether swimming with elephants in the azure waters of the Andamans or observing a school of neon painted fish while snorkeling in the Lakshadweep, India's islands and beaches will satisfy even the most demanding beachcombers.

Select Your Accommodation

Heritage Hotels more

Ancient palaces, royal homes, traditionally Indian hotels with native charm and hospitality, these are India's most unique and authentic experiences.
E.g. Samode Haveli, Taj Lake Palace

Boutique Hotels more

Trendy design, eclectic ambience, and contemporary furniture, India's boutique hotels offer an intimate and fresh experience.
E.g. Old Harbour, Imperial

International Hotels more

Leading international groups that offer world class amenities and predictable comfort, all major international hotel chains are present in India.
E.g. Hilton Delhi, Trident Nariman Point.

Resorts more

From idyllic beach resorts to sprawling palatial resorts in the countryside, India is home to some of the world's best resorts that offer truly regal experiences.
E.g. Park Hyatt, Oberoi Udai Vilas

Lodges & Camps more

Blending perfectly with their surroundings, India's jungle lodges, tented camps and cottages are the ideal way to encounter India's nature and wildlife from close quarters.
E.g. Khem Vilas, Banjaar Tola

Homestays more

Arguably the most memorable way to experience India, its home stays and plantation bungalows or tree houses offer an authentic insight into life in India.
E.g. Glenburn, Tranquil

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India offers a wide range of options in terms of experience and level of comfort and luxury. In order to maintain a certain level of quality and safety, we only use hotels, guides and chauffeurs that have been personally tested and certified by us.
Our private comprehensive tailor-made trips including accommodation, a car and chauffeur at your disposal, sightseeing and activities with your own guide, flights and transport within India and 24/7 support range between US$1,500-US$6,000 per person for a 10-day trip based on two people traveling together.

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